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Russia has equipped the first international level ground for extreme driving of RCB reconnaissance vehicles

TSAMTO, August 19. On the border of the Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions, the first Russian training ground of the international level for extreme driving of RCB reconnaissance vehicles RHM-4 (based on the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier) and practical shooting for a while with a change of firing position from small arms was equipped.

It acquired the status of an international training center for the Military Academy of NBC Defense in 2015 in connection with the Safe Environment competition and was subsequently equipped annually. At present, the unique Volga proving ground is equipped with a fire-assault strip with a cable car, trenches, areas for special processing, sampling, radiation monitoring of equipment, chemical control and practical shooting. Now it allows you to train chemical reconnaissance units using the latest techniques. At the Pesochnoe training ground, cadets from 28 countries, including Asia, Africa, and South America, are trained and improve their skills.
On a three-kilometer route, it is possible to work out complex standards that provide for the implementation of the most complex elements of chemical reconnaissance. The tracks include both classic obstacles (a model of a track bridge, a track passage in a minefield, a zone with size limiters), and long sections with a complex integrated complex of artificial obstacles for extreme driving. At the test site, RCB intelligence specialists using standard equipment will be able to overcome the water obstacle.
Before the creation of such a training ground near Kostroma, in order to fulfill all the standards stipulated by an international competition, it was necessary to use two training grounds and one combined-arms shooting range.
It was the Russian test site Pesochnoe, located on the border of the Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions, that became the prototype of the first Chinese test site for extreme driving of radiation, chemical and biological (RCB) reconnaissance vehicles, according to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry.

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