воскресенье, 8 ноября 2020 г.

Seven leading defense industry enterprises will take part in the Army-2020 forum in Yekaterinburg

EKATERINBURG, August 18. / TASS /. Seven leading enterprises of the military-industrial complex have confirmed their participation in the program of the International military-technical forum "Army-2020" in Yekaterinburg, the acting deputy commander of the district troops for military-political work, Colonel Andrey, said at a press conference in the Ural regional information center TASS Sobolev.
"Seven enterprises have confirmed their presence, in the dynamic display we will present robotics from Chelyabinsk, they will show their machines, which will later be offered by the Ministry of Defense for implementation in the armed forces to work with special units, intelligence units. The rest of the enterprises will participate in the static display. Design Bureau" The innovator ", for example, will participate," he said.
As the press service of the Central Military District specified, representatives of the 144 BTRZ OJSC, the Vector and Uraltransmash plants, the Chelyabinsk enterprises NPO Elektromashina and SKB Turbina will also arrive at the Army-2020 forum in Yekaterinburg.
Within the framework of the forum, representatives of the defense industry enterprises, the district command and military experts will take part in a round table on the topic "The use of modern modernized weapons and military equipment in the Central Military District, the specifics of equipping with weapons based on the experience of local wars and armed conflicts."
The military-technical forum "Army-2020" will be held in an expanded format in 17 cities and seven settlements on the territory of nine constituent entities of the Russian Federation - from Buryatia to Chukotka, at 36 thematic sites. For the first time, events are planned in Anadyr and on the Kuril Islands.
In Yekaterinburg, the forum events will be held on the territory of the Sverdlovsky training ground from 27 to 29 August. Within the framework of the forum, a scientific and business program will be held, an exhibition of modern and historical military equipment, as well as weapons samples.

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