воскресенье, 8 ноября 2020 г.

Tank T-90M became one of the main exhibits of "Army-2020"

It is believed that these particular combat vehicles, along with the T-14 on the heavy unified Armata platform, will become the basis of Russian tank forces in the foreseeable future.
This version of the "ninetieth" is a development of the T-90MS intended for export, which is also demonstrated at the forum in the exposition of the Scientific and Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" (part of the Concern UVZ is part of the State Corporation Rostec).
These tanks have a lot in common, but one of them is adapted to the requirements of the Russian ground forces. It is also equipped with a new generation of reactive armor. 1 130-horsepower V-92S2F engine makes it possible to develop up to 70 km / h on the highway. The power reserve is 550 km.
A modern fire control system, which includes the main sight of the gunner-operator with a thermal imaging channel, a double sight, a panorama of the commander, makes it possible to effectively use a modified 125-mm smooth-bore cannon and a coaxial machine gun.
The remote-controlled 12.7-mm "Kord" is also used to combat air and ground targets.

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